Try these easy and interesting DIY products to spice things up in your kitchen

If we asked you right now which part or corner of your house would you like to consider giving the least attention while decorating and renovating, which corner would you opt for?

Did you move your face or thought the question to be a little weird?

Well, that’s because it indeed is.

For everyone of us, when we build our dream home, there is no question of compromising with any corner of it irrespective of how small or big it is. It’s after all our house, our perfect home. However, if you think properly, you can relate to many images that might have come to your eyes over your lifetime either in your own house or somewhere else where you’ve seen certain spaces of the house getting the least care and the most garbage being dumped.

The kitchen, for many people, might be that corner.

It might sound weird, but sadly it’s true. In fact, the mess without your knowledge might not be that big a deal as well, but all you need is some smart tricks to know how to clean it all and just give it a new twist.

So, here is a list of 4 DIY products that can give your kitchen a much-needed definition from its usual boring self.

1. Use stitching and sewing skills to make your own set of potholders, oven mitts, and what not

Most people go for the ready-to-buy kitchen towels or oven mitts to be used in their kitchen. So why don’t you stray from the known and try something different? You can use leftover fabrics from other home-related purposes and simply stitch and/or sew them to make crochets as potholders, covers for your electronic appliances and other kitchen covers as well. They will be innovative and pretty as per your choice too.


2. Make your own tray set using wood

While shifting to your ready to move apartments in Mohali, there will certainly be many stuff from the shifting especially wood and plywood. These can be used to make own tray sets of different sizes according to your requirement and size of the kitchen. You can paint them as per your choice too so they add a fun element to your kitchen.


3. Get cute clay pots and keep a tiny house plant at one corner

Plants add statement and style to every corner of the house so why should kitchen suffer a miss? Get tiny clay pots from the market, which by the way are easily available and plant cute and nice house plants in them to be kept at one corner of the kitchen. It will be great if you keep them at the corner with the window closer to it so that it gets enough sunlight and air.


4. Decorate unused jars or empty cans as holders

Empty can and unused jars can be found on an abundance in every house. Evidently, this DIY product is very easy to make for any individual. Just grab the empty cans: red bull, coke, juice, etc, and unused jars of cookies, Nutella, coffee, anything, and simply use them to keep your spoons, forks and other culinary items. You can paint them with vibrant and fun colours as well in order to spruce things up in your kitchen.


Kitchen is more than just a place where you cook; it’s where you craft many memories with your loved ones. So try these easy and unique ways to make the kitchen of your ready to move flats in Mohali, look good and appealing to you and everyone who visits your lovely abode.

5 best and unique ideas to decorate your kid’s bedroom

There is no novelty in the fact that your room is a mini version of the entire world for you. This is the place where you can do whatever you feel like and be whatever you want to be without any judgments being passed on you. Everything that you dream of and like in life can be reflected into your room.

As a grown-up you know what you want to have in your room because you have that sense of understanding and perception. But the massive challenge comes for the parents who need to decorate their kids’ room. Firstly, they’re simply kids who are yet to develop their individual personalities completely, and secondly, they have desires and demands that change every other day.

In this situation, as a parent, not only do you need to understand and know what your kid will like and want, but also basically how to win over their hearts as they keep growing. As we know, change is the only constant so a very essential thing that you need to remember is to make the decorations of the room in such a way that your kid(s) love them all the way through.

Thus, here is a list of 5 best and unique ideas according to us that we think your kids will absolutely love.

1. White and pink combination for your little princess

If you’ve a daughter, there is no doubt that she will love pink and white and their combination. Choose this theme that is both vibrant and somewhat subtly refreshing. Fill her room with teddy bears and dolls of this theme or those that go with this theme and she will absolutely love it.


2. Add a showcase for your little hero’s toy collections in the backdrop of blue and red coloured theme

Boys are always into toys and video games from their small ages therefore, dedicating an entire showcase with your little hero’s favourite toy collection will certainly win over his heart. Add this showcase against a blue and red coloured theme of the room so that the colour and the showcase complement each other.


3. Dedicate one side of the wall both in your son and/or daughter’s room for their creative side to be unleashed

This is a must in your ready to possession apartments in Mohali. Every child likes in fact, loves to draw on the wall as they grow up. So why not create a special wall in his or her room that will allow your little one to unravel his or her creative side without any resistance? We say none! So go ahead and dedicate an entire wall in their room and see how their cute paintings enhance the beauty of the room.



4. Keep a swing (definitely not hammock) at one corner to add some fun element in the room

Keeping a fun element in your kid’s room is more important that you know. Adding a cool swing (not hammock) is a great way to do that. Your son and/or daughter will undoubtedly grow addicted to it and will love you for this little gift forever. The swing will also help to take your little one’s mind off of other regular things in their lives: school, homework, extracurricular activities, etc, which they often find boring.


5. Add lots of lights in the room so that the room never looks dull

Kids often get scared of dark so in order to defy any form of darkness or basically mundane aspects from their room, it’s very important that you implement as much light as you can in your son and/or daughter’s room. Besides the main source of light, you can add floating lights, floor lamps, and other movable and small kinds of lights in order to make his or her room relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.


These tips will surely make your kid(s) room beautiful and add substance and definition in your 4 bhk ready to move flats in Mohali.

5 kitchen floor tile ideas for small kitchens: Try them and love them

Flats in Mohali these days are designed in a way that they are completely ready for you to just move in with your family and your belongings. Keeping in mind the requirements and desires of modern Indian families, the structure of the apartments are formed in such a way that they impress everyone from every strata of the society: lower income group (LIG), middle income group (MIG) and higher income group (HIG).

In fact, these apartments quash any former and noted misconceptions that apartments/flats cannot fulfill your desires of living in a luxurious house due to the former’s compact and planned space allocation as opposed to the latter’s more wider and spacious spaces.

Flats/apartments these days check every luxurious element off of the list and promise to leave you fully satisfied in terms of design, space, structure, location, and what not.

One of the most talked about corners of an apartment that is often debated against its counterpart in a mansion is the kitchen. Those who have lived all their lives in a mansion often are never happy about the kitchen space they are offered in a flat.

And this is where this notion goes wrong.

Although small and compact, you can go as creative and luxurious as you want in your small apartment kitchen as well.

Don’t believe us? Check out this list of 5 kitchen floor tile ideas for your small apartment/flat kitchens that will certainly up the luxury quotient of your kitchen.

1. White marble that adds more air and light

Keeping things simple and easy is the key to make things work in your small kitchen, and white marble flooring is the way to seal this deal. This floor tile adds an airy and shining tone to your kitchen thereby making the small kitchen look brighter and vibrant.


2. Contemporary multicolour slate tiles for a strong statement

A small kitchen certainly needs a strong statement that will defy its size and highlight its beauty instead. Contemporary multicolour slate tiles does just this. Try using less usual shades and give a matt finished theme to best complement the tiles.


3. Terracotta tiles to get a more traditional and heritage kind of tone

Terracotta speaks tradition and heritage and this is absolutely a great theme to be incorporated in your kitchen. Go for brown (dark or light shades) tiles that will enhance the traditional look even more and somewhat add a beautiful rustic tone to the entire decoration.


4. Checkerboard or monochrome tiles to implement a fun theme

Checkerboard or monochrome tiles go with almost all kinds of themes and due to its one colour or the black & white colour tones, it can be set with all kinds of decorations: antique, modern collections, shining items, mirror-like decorative, just anything.


5. Ceramic tiles for wood like look that also gives a luxurious and elite touch

Hardwood tiles are really the ultimate choice for luxury when it comes to decorating not just your kitchen, but the entire house. They give out the right kind of luxury feels and goes for both spacious and small kitchens of a house.


Have you recently booked a place in one of the ready to move flats in Mohali by JLPL? Well, these ideas will certainly help you out while decorating your kit

Check for these 5 must-have luxurious elements in a house before finalizing a deal

It’s no novelty that everyone wants to buy a beautiful and luxurious house. Luxury sees its definition change from one person to another. While having a spacious pool inside the house is generally a luxurious element to have in your house, many people would instead prefer a huge library in their house where they can flaunt all their precious book collections.

But keeping aside these variations, there are certain aspects of luxurious that never changes and syncs with every type of individual. These are like french fries and ketchup – they come handy with each other, and is anonymous for every person.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things that are a must-haves in every luxurious homes.

1. A spacious backyard for all the gardening shenanigans

A backyard is more than just an open space. If you’re lucky enough to own a property in Chandigarh, you must have a spacious backyard to yourself and let us tell you that you can actually do a lot with it. First of all, this is the place to enjoy all your gardening shenanigans. You can bring out your ultimate creativity and do lots with planting. You can also use the space to make seating arrangements and decorate it with some cool lighting to make it another beautiful corner of your house.


2. A nice, rustic fireplace

Monsoon season is here and what sounds better than having a good old family conversation, sitting before the fireplace? We say nothing! The fireplace is absolutely a must-have when it comes to luxurious house. It adds to the beauty of the living room and can be used to suit many occasions. Monsoon, family get together, movie night with friends and family – you name it and the fireplace is a hit.


3. A big perhaps preferably open kitchen

A big kitchen is again a compulsion for every affordable luxury flats in Chandigarh/Mohali. Every family has at least one member who loves to cook and try new recipes and for them, this is actually a great gift. Furthermore, you can settle many other things like refrigerator, dining table, etc inside a big, open kitchen.


4. A cool staircase traveling from inside the house

This is actually very thrilling and interesting to have in your house. A staircase not only looks amazing, it can be used to create storage spaces below or adjacent to it as well. You can keep antique collections to decorate it or create spaces to keep your shoes, clothes or even books around the staircase just in case you own too many stuff and sadly don’t have a library in the house.


5. A spacious bathroom for enjoying both shower and bathtub pleasures

Everyone of us likes to have a bathtub inside his or her bathroom. Showers have become very ordinary and conventional these days, and to strike the luxury quotient, you need to have a bathtub. Therefore, a spacious bathroom is mandatory so that you can have space for all the latest, modern technology equipped bathroom elements: shower, automatic shower, shower room, bathtub, anything you name.


Are you hunting to buy a luxurious home for yourself and your family? Make sure to check this list before you settle on one.

These 5 colour combinations will make your home decoration look extraordinary and interesting

Bought a new house?

Buying a new house can be pretty exciting, overwhelming and not to forget delightful. But it comes with its set of worries as well.

The immediate topic to stress about is how to arrange and decorate the house. There are hundreds of ideas hovering around in your mind and at some point or other, each one of them sounds and seems great. However, sadly you can’t use all of them. This task of settling to one requires immense research and discussion.

What should be the colour theme? What kind of furniture would look best? Should every room have its own individual identity? When to do that it’s enough? How to understand if the placement if the furniture is right to get the best out of nature?

And the list only continues…

The essential thing to remember and notice is that irrespective of the several other questions, the first task of yours should be to decide the colour theme of your house.

Flats in Mohali and other places these days, gee

Generally flats in Mohali and other places that are already made from beforehand and requires to simply move in with your stuff have the conventional colour theme like those of pink, cream, dirty white, dirty yellow, etc.

But you can always throw some twist and make some much-needed difference to make your apartment like your desired home.

Here is a list of 5 odd colours that can successfully create extraordinary colour combinations for your home.

1. Black and Yellow

A combination of one dark and one light colour is always a hit. Paint the walls preferably of your living room in yellow (not the bland tone but the vibrant tone) and choose black coloured furniture and furnishings to bring out the goodness of yellow and create a nice contrasting effect.

blog image1

2. Tangerine and Olive Green

This is a superb combination for a girl’s bedroom. It’s different from the conventional pink and purple choices and carries a subtle strong and artistic tone as well. A home library is also a great choice for this colour theme accompanied by some black and white oriented wall-decorations and paintings that will effectively highlight the tone of the Tangerine and Olive Green colours.

blog image4

3. Royal Blue and Lemon Green

When you have affordable luxury flats in Chandigarh to call them your home, Royal Blue is a great colour choice to adorn your dream home. It has that royal touch to its tone and flaunts the luxurious tone of your house even more. This when combined with lemon green gives rise to a fun combination that is positive to be living around and a vibrant theme to be used in your house as well.

blog image3

4. Lilac and Blue

This is a colour combination that can be used majorly in the cozy corners of your house. It in fact is a great choice for your bedroom and beautifully embraces both a man’s and a woman’s natures in its Lilac and Blue combination. You can use this theme for around the fireplace, library and even the living room.

blog image2

So what are you waiting for? Get decorating your new house now. Good luck!

4 pure bursts of emotions that you go through when you first step inside your new luxurious house

We all want to have a beautiful house to our name with a nice backyard where we can relax our nerves and sip on coffee, a big patio where we can sit and stare at the stars while rocking our worries away and definitely a nice garden with greens dominating our sight for as long as it can go.

Over the years, the definition of house has drastically changed. Today, we live in a fast-paced society with a youth-oriented mentality – a primary reason why owning houses have become a far-fetched thought for most people.

People these days invest in other things like traveling, entrepreneurial projects, etc more than a mansion with all luxuries and this is party because in modern apartments, built around residential societies you get everything in handy with a great location.

Nevertheless, a house or an apartment, your home will always be your home.

We’re giving you a list of 5 feelings that you must have felt while stepping inside your affordable luxury housing in Chandigarh/Mohali for the first time.

1. You keep swirling around 360 degrees with wide-open eyes and mouth agape. Reason? You simply can’t stop your pounding heart that is beating with excitement due to the realization that this damn big house is YOURS now on.

giphy (4)

2. The first thing you check is your bedroom. After all, it’s going to be your mini-world from now on and you can’t hold the horses in your stomach anymore.

giphy (5)

3. Your next stop in your ready to move flats in Mohali is the backyard that is going to be the destination of several of your parties, late night dates with your boyfriend, and what not.

giphy (6)

4. Finally, you go out of the house and stand with your eyes on it, smiling and thinking how great your life is going to be henceforth. You can finally invite your friends and cousins over for sleepover – something you avoided in the past rented house.


So, there you go, did we make you smile? We’re sure we did. Now go and feel the good old emotions. And you’re welcome.

Love patterns? Here a few ideas to play around with them to decorate your house

Every mind is defined by its idiosyncrasy. It is this idiosyncratic nature that contributes to so many beauties around the world. And your home is no novelty.

If we ask now, what comes to your mind the first moment you step inside your own home, we know a number of things will come to your mind. Peace, safety, security, contentment, ideas, energy – did you just run out of breath?

Well, that’s the kind of excitement and relaxation that your own home brings to you.

Talking for myself, personally, when I’m inside my own house, I constantly get attacked by interior decoration thoughts. Maybe once I elaborate, many of you can relate to this.

My eyes move around the house and if it’s already nicely decorated, I think of ways to make it even better and if it’s not then good Lord, my head keeps getting bombarded with various ways to make my house better and beautiful – leading me to procrastinate.

There are thousands of ways you can decorate your house and using patterns just make a very cool and creative cut in this category.

We’re sure that your head must have been blasted with many ideas and we absolutely appreciate that (somewhat our intention) and here’s us helping you out some of our ideas to start with.

1. Place a patterned carpet in your living room

A carpet in the living room is somewhat like a compulsion if you want to give your home a classy and polished style. But do you know what’s fun? Adding some patterned twist to it. Have single-coloured furniture and furnishings – sofa sets, chairs, curtains, etc, and highlight the entire combination with a beautifully patterned carpet on the floor. The patterns not only add fun, but also create a statement of style around your house that you can follow in every other corners of the latter.


2. Patterns in your study room or library at home

The study room or library at your ready to move flats in Mohali is certainly that part of your house where you need to have calm and absolute peace of mind. This is the place where you escape into the wilderness and be at the comfort of your own world (if you’re enjoying a book) and deal with deadlines, projects and exam pressures (if you’re unfortunate to fall in this lot). Decorate your wall with sticky notes of difficult colours and adorn wall lightings around them. This will serve a good way of creating coloured patterns in your study room and/or library as well as give some cool lighting as well. For your kids who are in school or college and even for you who need to keep a tab on the important dos, the sticky notes will serve a good purpose to write down valuable notes as well.


3. Patterned bed sheet to add fun in your bedroom

Are you bored with the conventional choices of brown, white, blue and grey for your bedroom? Well, it’s time to put in some punches of variation. All you need to do is add some patterned bed sheet to your otherwise conventional bedroom. Let the brown, grey and white of your room stay intact and the patterned bed sheets will do wonders to add substance in your bedroom.


4. Patterned usage of wall decorations

One of the best things about the ready to move flats in Chandigarh is that the architecture and structure of the flat are known to you from beforehand, which in turn helps you to have a premonition on how to go about with the decoration procedure in your house. We say, this premonition should be great and by that we mean to use patterned wall decorations in your lovely home. You can use patterned wallpapers, utilize your lighting in a way that they forms a pattern or you can also form patterns using pictures – family or portraits, anything that suits you.


We bet these patterned ideas have definitely triggered the creative bug in your head. We say, don’t keep it locked out and try these to make your home even more beautiful.

Got two teenage sons? Here’s how you can add fun in their room

If you thought girls are only particular about their choices and interests as opposed to boys, my friend you’ve certainly been living in an illusion for all this while.

Just like girls, boys like their things in a certain way also. Take for example, a boy’s room. Imagine you have a son and you give him a room painted in purple or even worse pink. That kid will face the disaster of his life.

Your room is your little world and every individual likes his or her room to exude their personality. So if you’re a family of four with two teenage sons, let us tell you that it’ll be a tough task to decorate their room.

If you’re living in a 2-bedroom apartment in one of the affordable luxury flats in Chandigarh/Mohali then your boys would need to share a room with each other. It’s quite a difficult task because even if your boys are twins or have smaller age gap, they are ought to have their individualism and as parents, you should see that both of their individualistic traits get highlighted in their room.

Don’t worry; we’re not trying to scare you. In fact, we have prepared a list of some really cool and easy-to-do ideas to decorate the room of your teenage sons.

1. Stick to the conventional bunk beds

This is a great idea especially if your boys’ room is small. Bunk beds not only save space, but let you to use the remaining space for other furniture as well. Throw in some action figure or movies or comic inspired bed sheets for the bunk beds and your boys will appreciate it much.

Blog_32 -

2. Choose smart and boy-like wall decorations and curtains

Again, stay away from any cute and aww-like stuff because those will be a big no-no for your teenage sons. Choose blue as the wall colour because blue always goes fine. For something even better, you can choose a wall decoration inspired from your boys’ favourite football team or any sports for the matter of fact. If they have different choices, choose one side of the wall from one team whereas the other for another team. The same applies for the curtains as well. Match the theme of the wall colour and decorations, and opt for curtains accordingly.

Blog_33 -

3. Add a bookshelf cum video game rack

It’s as inevitable as it can be that boys can’t do without video games. Therefore, in order for them to have some fun in the midst of school work, this is a great way to keep them happy. Select a rack that will work both as bookshelf as well as video game rack so that your sons can keep their books and their video games in there. Television, computer, music system – you name it, all can fit in this multi-purpose rack.

Blog_34 -

4. Hang a mini basket for some basketball fun

Adding some touch of sports in your teenage sons’ room is always a good idea. Fasten a tiny basket on the wall or window of your boys’ room to help them sport things up a bit in their room. But you should be prepared to hear screams from vigorous and tense basketball matches, even late at nights because night is like morning for young people especially teenagers.

Blog_35 -

So moved into your ready to move flats in Mohali with your spouse and two teenage sons? Are you worried about decorating their room because teenagers are always picky? Well, this article will surely help.

How to give your dining room a restaurant like appeal?

Are you tired of looking at your boring dining room that doesn’t live up to the charm of the rest of your interior? Worry no more. Read on to find out ways to up the aura of your dining room and make it look lively and charming like as that of a restaurant dining area.

Dining room is one of the most important yet often ignored areas of a house, i.e. in terms of interior decoration. For most people, having a dining table and set of chairs is as far as it gets to define the dining area. However, if you are one of those individuals for whom every corner of the house is equally important and are looking for ways to up the charm of your dining area, read ahead.

Here are some tips to give your dining room an expensive and magnetic like appeal:

Use a glass table

While you must have seen a wooden table in most dining areas, a glass table is a complete game changer. True that- you may have to take care of it a bit more, but hey, nobody said that luxury is easy. You have to pay the price! And, here, it is taking care of the cleanliness and maintenance of your glass table.

Blog_27 -

Decide a theme or story

Themed interiors look ravishingly beautiful. For instance, if you choose an Aquarius theme, you can keep an artificial water body frame in one corner of the dining room. Not only will it look luxurious, it will soothe your eyes as well. However, whatever you do, do not overdo it.

Blog_28 -

Play with the lighting

Lighting has a mysterious way of changing the mood and feel of any room. So, make sure you install the right kind of light bulbs with just the right level of brightness, which gives you a luxurious yet homely feel.

Blog_29 -

Keep the rest of your interior in mind

No matter what you do, make sure that the decoration in your dining area matches the interior of the rest of your house. Trust us, you do not want to make it look like you have time travelled into another place.

Blog_30 -

Remove the clutter

The basic thumb of rule to having a luxurious look is to find maximum appeal with minimal effort. So, remove any extra accessories. Similarly, the walls should be as clean as they can be, i.e. no extra paintings or murals. Just what matches your interior!

Blog_31 -

If you have a habit of keeping half of your utensils, it’s high time you change the habit. The only thing that belongs on your table is clean serving cloth and serving plates/ cutleries. The better alternative is to just leave the table be. Remember, minimalism is your best choice here.

4 creative and cool ways to decorate your child’s room

Was your child a fan of Nickelodeon while growing up? I think, he or she must have been. I know I was. A popular TV show among kids, Nick featured many shows that targeted the kids, the soon-to-be-teenagers and the teenagers themselves.

Take from a hardcore and still a Nick obsessed fan, the houses of the Nick shows were absolutely mind-boggling.

The same applies for Disney and Hungama shows too that featured many kid and teen favourite shows. I remember having long discussion with my best friend of turning my room into an amalgamation of all the best things from each show.

Your room is not just your room, but your little world. Secluded from the entire outside world, your room is the place where you can be fully yourself without the fear of being judged by anyone.

We feel this way, your kids must feel the same way and you must have felt the same way as well when you were growing up. Over the years when kids grow, their personalities develop and they process their own thoughts of mind, their room turns out to be a somewhat reflection of all of these.

Your child’s (small or big) room matters more than you can imagine. Seemingly, decorating it nicely becomes all the more important.

Here are some cool and interesting ways to decorate your child’s room.

1. Create some wall art

Kids, teenagers and young adults as well love cool wall arts in their rooms. Even if you choose exciting wall colours for their rooms, there’s an assured chance of them loving their rooms a little extra if you create wall art in them. Wall arts can be created with anything. Spray paint, newspaper collage, wall painting, wall stickers – any creative idea that pops in your head, can be turned into a beautiful wall art. These make the room vibrant, artistic and if your child is loves art and creativity, you can say that you’ll score big time with this decoration.

Blog_22 -

2. Add some hanging planters

Green is undoubtedly a refreshing colour and it helps augment the positivism around you. Therefore, add the freshness of green in the form of indoor plants by putting them inside hangers that will certainly add a soothing touch in your room and give it an interesting touch as well.

Blog_23 -

3. Add rugs and cushions on the floor

These days, most families are small and nuclear and so they prefer houses that are just comfortable enough for them. In such smaller houses or ready to move flats in Chandigarh, making complete utilization of the space becomes very essential. Adding cute rugs and cushions on the floor is a great way to make use of the space. You can pick creative rugs and cushions or go for the conventional velvety options, either way they will implement a cozy and classy tinge to your room. If you have girl(s), this will make you a super star.

Blog_24 -

4. Hang a swing

Swings can be made of various materials. Jute, rope, cloth – whatever is your choice, hanging a swing in your room is a great decision. This is an interesting choice of killing stress after your child has had a hard day at school, college or work. You can pile up cute cushions or your child’s soft toys (not literally pile up) on the swing to make your little one even more comfortable while on the swing.

Blog_25 -

5. Keep a unique book rack

Most children – small or big, like to read books. Take it from a bookworm herself, reading books is actually a wonderful hobby to have. Reading time is inevitably associated with nap time and as you grow up, it becomes an addiction (just like my case). For these bookworm kids, a casual book rack is not good enough to console their book-loving hearts hence add a unique book rack that has out-of-the-box designs, colours and shapes to make your little ones happy. If you’re a resident of the affordable luxury housing in Chandigarh/Mohali, chances are that you have ample of space. Therefore, go for crazy book rack ideas may be a big one like that of an entertainment center, or use cool clippings to hold the racks, and so on.

Blog_26 -

These cool ideas will surely help you and open more ideas in your head. Try them now and see how your children fall in love with their room and you even more.