Luxury apartments by JLPL Falcon View are simply perfect as your dream home

We all dream of owing big cars, a great career and an impressive bank balance – don’t we? But there is something else as well that probably forms the primary requirement and that definitely has to be your dream house.

A dream house is one that not only looks perfect, but reflects your entire world in a smaller version. The architectural additions are nothing short of masterpieces, the fittings and designs of the house are world-class, the atmosphere is simply seamless and not to mention the location that is always absolutely spot-on.

Falcon View Flats

Now, as times are changing this very idea of a ‘dream house’ is also changing. Earlier, it was about owning an enormous mansion or bungalow. The idea of apartments or flats didn’t seem very “dream house” type.

Today, in 21st century, the entire concept of apartments and/or flats is in vogue and very popular. Considering the pace at which modern lives operate, we all have very less time in our hands and therefore, the idea of going through the process of ‘under-construction’ homes feels very tedious.

dining room

Hence, the emergence of ready to move in flats for the more obvious nuclear families prominent these days.

This doesn’t mean that luxury has to be compromised in any way and this is where JLPL gives you affordable 3 BHK luxury apartments in Mohali that are equipped with all the modern amenities.

For your dream home, JLPL has actually developed more than that. They offer you not just beautiful 4 BHK luxury apartments in Mohali, but an entire residential space that comes with various features even amazing club features like sports arena housing squash, badminton, tennis, basketball and many more. The residential space also comes with departmental stores, restaurant, Jacuzzi and even sauna bath for your entertainment and relaxation purpose.

JLPL houses are built as earthquake resistant so your dream home can always stand the test of unpredictable natural disasters. Furthermore, the rooms are spacious and comes with high-class wooden and vitrified tiles, respectively.

Janta Housing flats

The structure of the ready to move in homes by JLPL are such that it meets any kind of decorative genre that you might choose to implement on your the former.

The buildings and the entire residential space primarily are built with the facility of rainwater harvesting and keeping in mind the comfort of elderly people and children.

JLPL doesn’t only give you a dream house, but truly a dream home.

Here are 4 white room ideas that will transform your house from dull to grand

For ages we’ve seen white wall colour filling Indian homes. In fact, white and its different shades have ruled house paints for so many decades that when it came to making a change, it became a tad difficult for most of us to accept.For ages we’ve seen white wall colour filling Indian homes. In fact, white and its different shades have ruled house paints for so many decades that when it came to making a change, it became a tad difficult for most of us to accept.

Sure, it didn’t stop us from fetching the most creative ideas of our minds to spill colours in our house. However, what we forgot is that ruling out white completely is actually not a good way to explore all of your creative options.

Well, mostly because white is a very versatile colour and you can actually do a lot with it. Sometimes sticking to the basic option can get you a lot of ideas. Improvising with some  new and modern elements, you can now turn your conventional and dull white walls into a statement of grandeur and your ready for possession apartments in Mohali, an epitome of beauty.

So, let’s get started with our list of 4 white room ideas that we’ve compiled to give you some perception of how even the boring can actually be exciting.

1. Give your kitchen some white theme with a white marble top dining table

You can either go for a complete marble table or just a marble top dining table. This way your boring white walls will actually be invoked with an aura of class and trust us, your kitchen cum dining area will look like just out of a royal family house.

2. White living area with rugs and carpets and cushion giving some fun twists

Place a white sofa set and/or couch in the living area that might look to augment the white theme of the same too much in the beginning, but by adding some fun elements like statement rugs, carpets and classy cushions, the so-called dullness of the room can be enlightened to beauty.

3. Throw some splashes of more white and its serenity in the form of white guest room

Your guests are special and as per Indian culture – guests are supposed to Gods and Goddess so do you really want to keep them with no extra care? We’re sure, you’d not. So if you’re not happy about the white walls of your house, including the guest room, simply add some more of it in classier forms. This means add antique pieces, keep the bed as per the white walls, give the room some rustic and traditional touches so that the white gets balanced out and looks amazing.

4. White bedroom where you simply respect old school and the beauty of convention in a new, reformed way

This is a no novelty point that we simply couldn’t not add in our list because white bedrooms are very common and as most of your would say, mundane. But it is in fact not mundane because white can’t ever actually ever be mundane. Add splashes of colour in the form of painting, wall decals, curtains, décor and other furnishing in your bedroom of white walls, and see how the look changes instantaneously in your property near International Airport Mohali.

We bet white doesn’t look dull now anymore. So what are you waiting for? Try these ideas and transform your house into a grand statement.

Here are 4 ways to decorate the apartment of a newly married couple

Of all the wonderful things that can happen to you in life, marrying the love of your life surely tops the list. Finding love is anyway difficult and to have the opportunity to not only find that, but settle down with this choice for the rest of your life and have a family of yours in the long-run is also beautiful.

Seemingly, this shows why marriage is so precious to each one of you out there.

Janta Housing flats

Living with your husband after tying the knot is always exciting. And this excitement becomes relevant in their house as well every time someone drops by.

So this gave us the idea to form a list of some really gorgeous and innovative ideas to compile on decorating a newly-married apartment.

Keep the theme of the house both paint and décor wise romantic with red and its family colours

The best way to adorn your affordable luxury housing in Chandigarh is to splash some magic of red all around. Red is the colour of love so if you recently got hitched then why not use this col*our theme? Use this to paint at least one wall of your bedroom, use home décor and furnishing that exudes the same feeling.

Use thoughtful and cute items to decorate the house that will reflect love is in the air

Opt for wind chimes, wall hangings, candle holders, and items like these that will evoke a sense of romanticism and justify love being in the air for you and your husband. For example, floor lamps to play around with the lighting of the house and also to add edge to your decoration.

Keep picture memories all over the house to make a timeline of your love story

Pictures are very important so get some of them photo-framed and use those to decorate your house completely to not only remind yourself of how lucky you’re, but also to others that come visiting your lovely nest. So before they can for how did you guys meet, show him the picture gallery.

Put Mr and Mrs items to decorate the house to emphasize on the marriage thing

From main gate name plate to car name plate, using Mr. and Mrs. Items are always good to go in your affordable luxury housing in Mohali. You can customize your décor and get Mr. and Mrs. accompany on them as well to implement a unique effect.

Janta Housing flats

Congrats to newly-wed couples and here’s how to decorate your house after hitching to the person of your dreams.

Confused about how to make storage in kitchen? Here are some easy ideas to fix it

Whether you love cooking or just enjoy gulping down delicious food, the kitchen is one place in the entire house that both you and I agree is a lot more than just preparing food. You make many memories in this place that live with us forever. Learning to bake for the first time, helping your mom in the kitchen and exchanging mother-daughter talk, helping your dad cook on Sundays on his special recipe that he either becomes triumphant or utterly fails, and not to forget, sharing ice cream with your siblings and/or best friend after a heartbreak – the kitchen has been a witness to many such phases of your life. Evidently, when it comes to decorating it, we know you want to be seamless.

Kitchen storage is one major area that we face problems with. No matter how hard you try, you always end up with a lot of culinary and other kitchen items and if you’re a big family say of four or five members, your trouble is even more because there is never enough space in the kitchen to keep these things.

So, friends, it’s time to keep these anxieties at bay and keep calm because we’ve come up with a magic solution in the form of a list of some really innovative and smart ways to make storage inside your kitchen.

1. Use the help of a ladder to make cabinets at the topmost part of the kitchen wall

Having a ladder inside the kitchen is something that we’re sure might not have crossed your mind, and that is where creativity lies. Make cabinets at the topmost part of your kitchen wall and don’t worry about not having things within your reach because that is where the ladder will come to your rescue. Make the ladder portable so that handling it and cleaning the kitchen is easier.


2. Hooks are cooler and save up space

Hooks are cooler and you shouldn’t miss out on taking its help in the kitchen of your ready to move apartments in Mohali. Instead of using cabinets to keep cups and mugs, why not use hooks to hang them? The hanging image looks cooler and with proper alignment, beautiful as well.


3. Go for pull-out pantry that utilizes the space of two cabinets

You must have seen this type of pantry advertisements on television and/or on the Internet, and doesn’t it look amazing? So we suggest you to use this amazing discovery in your kitchen as well. It fits right above the countertop and saves the space of two kitchen cabinets together and is super-easy to handle and maintain as well.


4. Add an antique storage piece to utilize space as well as add to the look of the kitchen

This is yet another classy way to decorate your kitchen in your 4 BHK luxury apartments in Mohali. Keeping in mind the colour theme and look of your kitchen, place an antique storage piece and keep your culinary and other kitchen items inside it. The antique piece will augment the grandeur of your kitchen and will serve as a great storage space too.


Was this list helpful? We bet it was and must have evoked your mind to get a little innovative as well. So try them and see how your kitchen storage problem vanishes into the thin air within seconds and adds to the entire look of your kitchen too.

Here’s why JLPL homes are the best deals you can get for you and your family

Well, it’s no novelty that buying a home is a major investment. Houses are made, but when you pour in your blood and soul into it, that’s when it transforms into your dream home. And a dream home is always precious and close to our hearts.

Seemingly, this makes it even more obvious that when you’re deciding to invest your hard-earned money into buying your dream house and making it your dream home, you’ve to consider every intricate detail of the real estate company that you’re choosing to buy the property from.

These days, the competition in the real-estate market is very intense and actually sky-high. Therefore, when it comes for these real-estate companies to bag buyers, they form tantalizing deals of which not much is actually true. Post booking the apartments and/or houses, you might experience the horror of fraudulent outcome.

In such scenario, what suits and feels perfect is to book houses from a real-estate company that has a good and long record of good trading and actually respects your trust on them. And that’s why JLPL is the right choice for you.

It comes with the trust of several buyers who have now made JLPL homes as their own homes and not to forget doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some reasons that will convince you why JLPL promises to give you the best flats in Mohali.

1. Prime location

The housing complex is situated at a prime location with International Airport and Railway station nearby. Furthermore, shopping malls and entertainment sectors are also closer so you can have a nice and convenient atmosphere around.


2. Special amenities like no other place

Most ready to move apartments in Mohali are built inside housing complexes and they come equipped with many amenities like gym, swimming pool, banquet halls, etc. However, JLPL comes with even more special amenities including the above mentioned such as Jacuzzi, sauna bath, indoor games area, and more that will give you a full-on fun living throughout.


3. Built by keeping in mind the benefit of the environment

JLPL housing complexes have rainwater harvesting system that not only helps in maintaining a proper drainage system. This process also caters to water conservation process and enhances the process of the betterment of our environment eventually.


4. Extra care for women’s safety and health

There is a powder room, which means women’s toilet in every unit in order to deal with any kind of emergencies. During moments of events and other festivals or functions, as the number of people increases, powder rooms always help and JLPL built their housing complexes keeping this in mind.


We bet there are many real-estate companies out there, but if you want the best, you got to choose JLPL.

Here’s why ready-to-move-in apartments are better than under-construction houses

Let’s take you a decade or some 15 years before. What was it like to buy a home then? Advertisements would come up on the television or newspapers, and we would hear about the housing complex even on radio. Builders had one mission – to sell as many apartments on the housing complex or mansions in the area as possible, before the construction is completely done.

You would jot down to your favourite picks to a list of five and start checking each plot out and finally decide on a final one. If this entire process sounds tedious to you, let us tell you that this isn’t where it actually ends.

After you’re done with the selection, the real deal commences. The construction of your house comes with a long-time commitment that demands you to look for every intricate detail needed for your house and/or apartment to turn out in the way you have visualized it to be. Other than the advantage of a good location (if at all it provides it), every other thing that you want to experience or has an inclination towards, has to be availed from outside. For example, supposedly you’re a regular gym goer, in this scenario, you’ve to find a gym and pay extra to avail its services.

Besides one of the most important elements that has to be kept in mind while discussing about under-construction homes is that it takes a long period of time to get done with and you’ve to wait for many years to come post making the booking to finally step inside your dream home.

And this is actually not the end of all. These days there is always the fear of being cheated by builders who take the money, promise a certain plot area and certain facilities, but fail keep up to their promise at the end.

And that’s why ready to move apartments in Mohali are your best pick. Confused as to how? Let’s give you a tour.

1. All you need to do is simply pack your stuff and move in without having to worry about anything else once you’ve made the payment and booked your dream home.


2. You pay for the house, but get several other facilities from gym to swimming pool and lawn tennis court to Jacuzzi handy.


3. A nice, homely housing complex welcomes you that is equipped with every little latest technology to keep you happy and secured.


4. Everything comes just as you see it because everything is right before your eyes.


5. A lovely atmosphere for your kids and elderly people to live in.


So what are you waiting for? JLPL offers you lovely and spacious 4 BHK luxury apartments in Mohali in affordable prices for you and your family to make a beautiful home. Visit here and book your dream house now.

Here’s 5 reasons why ready to move in apartments are so popular and in vogue these days

Over the past decade or maybe a little more than that, the culture of ready-to-move-in apartments has taken a massive leap among buyers. These days almost every metro city and even second-tier cities are adjusting and in fact adjusting happily with this growing trend and welcoming more and more people into living in an already ready home.

To start with, it’s super convenient because unlike where plots are bought and then houses are built, you get a lot of other secondary amenities along with your apartment.

These residential complexes that comprises of flats in Mohali are all equipped with modern technology and comes with the best infrastructure thereby, assuring you a happy and safe stay in the comfort of luxury completely.

And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that these amenities don’t charge you extra because once you pay for the ready-to-move-in apartment, these facilities come handy with the former. There is no baggage that you’ve to carry as a headache to enjoy these amenities.

So what are these amenities that we’re oh-so-proudly talking about? Well, JLPL offers its buyers not just a lovely home, but a complete homely atmosphere. This list has got some of the amazing facilities that come handy with a home from us.

1. Everything you need right at the departmental store

Now you can quit traveling to the store and not worry about missing to pick something up. JLPL club house comes with a departmental store that is equipped with everything and anything you need and you can just step in there and get what you want at any hour of the day.


2. Keep fit at the gymnasium

The ready to move apartments in Mohali offered by JLPL comes with an world-class gymnasium facility where you can energize yourself and keep fit. Now you don’t have to worry about paying much to join a gym and keep up to its timings because you can always choose to the gymnasium as per your flexible time.


3. Host a great function at the banquet hall

Be it a grand wedding or just a friends and family only birthday party, if you have got bored of hosting functions and parties inside your home then the banquet hall is just the perfect place for you to host a great function the next time you plan to do one. It’s also great to enjoy a different destination for an event and the space as well.


4. Take a nice dip at the clear swimming pool

Doesn’t feel amazing to leave all your worries and enjoy a relaxing dip at the swimming pool? With JLPL club houses, you can experience this feeling to your heart’s content and the best part is that the swimming pool is there 24×7.


5. Enjoy some good sport at the lawn tennis court

It’s amazing to enjoy some good sport every once in awhile, and JLPL gives you just this opportunity to take the good feeling out of this recreation. This is your chance to bring out the Roger Federer and Serena Williams out of yourself and have some good fun all the while staying physically and mentally fit as well.


We’re sure this has given you enough reasons to buy a ready-to-move-in apartment, and trust us when we say that the feeling to actually live in one will be worth spending money for.

This festive season, try these ideas to give a new and vibrant look to your house

Our country is known for its festivals and the colorful atmosphere that the latter brings along with it every year. Evidently, the festive season is especially very exciting and much-awaited all year long by each one of us.

While there are ample of festivals all year long considering that India is a diverse country with many communities and religions living together in the same land, the festive season of Navratri and Dussehra is particularly special and waited for because of how it unites the entire nation.

And this season is almost knocking the door for this year as well.

During festivals, one of the most common visuals in almost every Indian family is decorating the house and giving it a festive touch. It’s wonderful to have the festive essence and colors spread all around your home.

We decided to get you started in this mode of decorating your house with some of our cool and fresh ideas that will certainly get you motivated in the right direction.

1. Use Indian art inspired furnishing

One of the best ways to decorate your flats in Mohali is to use Indian art oriented furnishing in your house. Go for Indian art styled curtains, cushion covers, sofa covers and bed sheets and pillow covers as well. Remember to pick these stuff in accordance with the color theme of your house so that everything stays balanced.


2. Attach string lights in your house

String lights are always a big hit when it comes to Indian festivals. Although they’re more famous during Diwali, their season typically starts from the time of Navratri and Dussehra so go ahead and adorn your house with some elegant and bright string lights. You can use them in the living room, in the balcony of your room and even the backyard to keep positivism surrounding your house.


3. Hang festival decorations around the house

This is yet another way to rock Indian crafts around your house. During this festive season, you can get lots of Indian crafts in the market – wall and ceiling danglers, door decorations, etc., thus you can use them to decorate your house and give the latter a festive aura.


4. Keep fresh flowers inside the house

Flowers are always a great idea to decorate your house with so why not use them during this festive season. Pick your favorite flowers or else you can always opt for seasonal flowers and keep them in a nice vase and decorate your 3 bhk luxury apartments in Mohali.


So what are you waiting for now? Get decorating!

Decorating a teenage boy’s bedroom: Know the secrets behind being cool and stylish at the same time

One of the dreadful tasks that can be bestowed upon you as a parent is to take charge of decorating your kids’ bedrooms. It’s funny to know that our parents bring us to this world and teach us the most basic things of life. However, as we grow up and see the world through our own eyes, we more and more realize the generation gap with us.

This gap is relevant in our likes and dislikes that are in complete contrast with them. Evidently, it becomes even more difficult for your parents to decorate your bedroom let alone if you’re a teenager. Although almost all teenagers like to decorate their own room but as long as the basic architectural plans go, it has to be the parents’ call.

It becomes even more difficult to step up to this occasion when the challenge is to decorate a teenage son’s bedroom. He has got his own set of principles, friends, decisions and choices and quite honesty, 90% of them wouldn’t match with yours.

However, as it’s known that your room is your mini-world, he would want to have everything that defines his personality in his room.

So, here’s a list for you to get started and trust us when we say it’s going to be fruitful.

1. Make space for lots of posters and cool paintings

Boys especially when they’re in their teens absolutely love hanging cool posters and paintings in their rooms. This is the age when inclination towards all these things commence thus, you got to ensure that there is ample of space on the wall for your son to attach his favorite posters and/or cool paintings.


2. A space for a video game set is a must

Video games are absolute favorites of teenage boys and you ought to make space to fit a videogame place in his room in 4 bhk luxury apartments in Mohali. This is the place for him to relax and also enjoy lazy times with his friends therefore, keep in mind to make space for this entertainment in his room.


3. Keep the theme to be sports-oriented and relaxing

Boys love sports and there is no novelty in that. Therefore, you’ll score as a parent if you keep the theme of your teenage son’s room to be sports-based. Paint a wall of the color of the football team he follows, and maybe do a wall art of a caricature of his favorite sportsperson. You can also hang a basket on the wall for him to relax and enjoy some casual, indoor basketball right inside his room.

Blue Bedroom for a Baseball Fan

4. Dedicate a corner of the room to musical instruments, music system and books

Your son might be interested in music or books, in both cases, you should keep in mind to make his room such that both of these interests are taken care of. Opt for a modern style bed that has got enough storage to keep all of his book collections, and have one corner dedicated to music system and to keep other musical instruments as well. This is a great way to make your son happy with his room in your flats in Mohali.

Decorating your teenage boy’s room is actually no rocket science, but only certain tricks need to be remembered. This list will certainly guide you in not only making him happy with your choices, but also for you to score as a great parent. Good luck!

How to utilize your house space properly while hosting a function at your home

Hosting a function at home can be quite a responsibility and a task to say the least. First and foremost, you’ve to jot down the number and names of people you would like to invite, and that influences a lot on the kind of theme you would select for the function. Quite obviously, if the guests are more on the older side, you can’t be very wild or unconventional (in a more sophisticated way) with the arrangement as opposed to the same if the guests are mostly young.

However, the hard part begins only after this. Starting from what to cook and how much to arrange, you’re soon piled up with lots of responsibilities. And that’s not all because the biggest worry undoubtedly has to be setting up the function scene at your room.

Regardless of where you live – house or apartment, it is always quite a big deal to arrange the entire scene and not having the fear of messing up at least some thing.

And that’s why you need proper plotting and planning and a clear-headed diction in utilizing your home space just properly. We’ve picked up some of the easiest, less time-consuming and effective ways to use up the space of your home for arranging a function – wedding, baby shower, engagement party, Puja ceremonies, birthday parties, anything that pops up in your head and you’ve to set up the scene right at your home.

1. Try and use all the rooms in your house or apartment

One of the frequent mistakes we make while arranging a function at our house is restricting our guests to use only one room. This is a straight up no that you should drop the very next time you host a function in your house. Using if not all the then at least most of the rooms of your house or apartment makes it easier for you to manage the crowd and it is also comfortable for your guests. Furthermore, this way even if your house is not too spacious, you’ll be succeed in is using the entire house to the benefit of the function.


2. Use the backyard or the balcony in case of your apartment

Small or big – any function is even bigger a hit when you use the backyard of your house or the patio (balcony) of your apartment to its full use. Decorate it with nice and folding chairs and some portable coffee tables, and string lights that will light up the space for the purpose of function and make a good spot for people to gather as well at your flats in Mohali.


3. Skip keeping too many decorative items around the house to avoid any damage

This is a very essential point to be kept in mind because otherwise there has to be a lot of damage control done. Given the Indian functions we have at our houses often, having kids at the party comes without saying. Therefore, using too many decorative items such as antique pieces, table lamps, showpieces, souvenirs, etc. around would be too expensive to pay later. On the occasion of the function, keep all of these things inside in a room particularly and in return a lot of space will clear up as well.


4. Don’t keep many furniture towards the restrooms to avoid disturbance on the path and congestion

When you host a function at your 3 bhk luxury apartments in Mohali, you ought to remember that people will keep finding their way to the restrooms more often than not especially ladies. Therefore, keeping the path clear matters a lot so avoid keeping too many furniture or décor on that path to spare any form of congestion in your house.


Now, you’ve got all the inside secrets to hosting a great function at your house by utilizing your house space properly. So the next time you host a function right at your house, remember to keep these points in mind.